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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Aug 21, 2017

When I finished interviewing Mikki, I was ready to sign up for her speaking classes, and I do 50 speeches and workshops each year. This Speaker Hall of Famer is an executive speech coach, international speaker, author, radio and TV personality and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Listen in and see why she will inspire you to find your voice and speak with your outrageous you!

Chosen as one of the best speakers in the country by Meetings and Conventions Magazine, along with Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Lou Holtz and Zig Ziglar, Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE is an experience…truly a one-of-a-kind talent, eclectic and smart.

An award-winning top tier speaker for Vistage International—the world’s leading executive organization—Mikki is Master Chair of two Vistage peer advisory boards in Chicago. From The White House to Mandela’s South African home to the front pages of The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and Forbes, Mikki is a global brand, known by all as “glamboyant” and outrageous!

A TEDx speaker, Mikki is based in Chicago and Naples, FL, conducting her proprietary Speakers School™ in both locations. She also created The Mikki Mouth Club™ with four divisions: Speaker Source, her highly regarded speech coaching entity; Accountability Academy, a year-long speech coaching program; the original Keynote Kamp™, a two-day intensive in which she designs a speaker's entire speech; and Outrageous Orators™, speakers who rock…an uncommon speakers' bureau. Mikki completed a life goal with a sold-out run of her one woman show, “She Came, She Wore, She Conquered…shoes, sex and other stories,” at the famed Second City Theatre in Chicago.

In this episode we'll discuss:

  • How life can turn all of your plans upside down
  • Mikki's worldview on life and how she is always grateful
  • Practical lessons on becoming a better performer and a speaker
  • Power of storytelling
  • How people who attend one of Mikki's programs become long term clients
  • Legacy
  • Asking the right questions & recognizing your own story
  • Mikki's "AHA" moments
  • Getting Millenials to communicate more effectively
  • How great delivery makes any story more powerful
  • Importance of doing your homework when speaking internationally

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: