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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Nov 20, 2017

Are you an entrepreneur or a CEO of a growing business? Do you work for one? You must listen to my interview with Lisa Perrine about how this accomplished CEO is growing her business by leaps and bounds, continuously adapting it for changing times. Her lessons-learned could really help you grow yours in today's business environment. Don't miss it!

Lisa Perrine.pngAs CEO of Cibola Systems, Lisa Perrine leads a multidisciplinary group which designs strategies and technologies that enable high-performing teams to succeed. Lisa and her colleagues focus on the human elements of communication: the interplay between workplace culture and communication, how people experience media and how individuals interact with technology.

Lisa approaches her work with a mixture of curiosity, creativity and the expertise gained from over 1000 consulting engagements for such clients as The Annenberg Foundation, The City of Hope,, SAG-AFTRA and Sony Music. An avid writer and frequent presenter, Lisa delivers courses and workshops on Design Thinking and Workplace Experience Design which have been approved for certification renewal units by the American Institute of Architects, International Interior Design Association and InfoComm International. 

In this episode, Lisa Perrine and I discuss: 
  • Lisa’s personal growth during her journey from designer to manager
  • The power of leadership diversity to create a richer company experience
  • Radical industry changes that influenced Cibola Systems to stay small
  • Technology as a cultural enabler 
  • Knowing your values before you can find the right company to grow with
  • Balance and compassion as the core of Cibola Systems 

Resources mentioned in this episode: