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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Dec 14, 2020

Hear how to create and grow your own wealth!

Carl Allen is our guest on our podcast today. He brings to you, our listeners, something quite special. He isn’t just going to tell you about how he has made a fortune. Rather, he takes you through the steps of how you, yes you, can find a way to build wealth, too. Most of us dream about having the means to do what we want — when, where, how and with whom we want — but we don’t have the first clue where to begin. Carl shows us the way!

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Carl Allen video

Change your life, so you have a life

According to the 2016 HSBC Essence of Enterprise study, the average U.S. entrepreneur’s net worth is $4 million and many run several businesses. Yet most wealth is rarely inherited. At least in America, it is typically earned by investing in yourself and venturing into entrepreneurship, a topic near and dear to us at SAMC. In 2012, Carl started Dealmaker Wealth Society to help aspiring entrepreneurs do just that — find a business they can create and grow, along with the wealth that comes with it.

There are 27 million entrepreneurs in the U.S. and both my husband, Andy Simon, and myself can tell you that it is neither easy nor simple but it can be done. In addition, we help others take their observations and turn them into innovations with Blue Ocean Strategy. You too can build your idea into a business that can “soar.” Listen in today and see how. 

Carl AllenMeet Carl Allen 

Carl Allen, entrepreneur, investor and corporate dealmaker with almost three decades of experience, is the founder and editor of Dealmaker Wealth Society. In charge of more than 330 transactions worth close to $48 billion, Carl has advised some of the world’s largest corporations on investments and acquisitions, including Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard. One of the world’s leading experts on buying and financing business acquisitions, Carl has invaluable insight to offer you about buying, growing and selling businesses. (He also became an Uber driver during this pandemic so he can deliver medicine to the elderly in his community. Quite a guy.)

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