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On the Brink with Andi Simon

May 14, 2020

Hear how anthropologists can transform your business!

How amazing it was to meet and have the opportunity to interview Matt Artz, another business anthropologist like myself. This was a delightful podcast, focusing on the growing importance of anthropology in business and corporate settings. Matt shares with you his own experiences applying the methods and tools of anthropology to help companies better understand customer needs, build better cultures and capture designs to create exceptional user experiences. You will enjoy hearing about his journey, learning what anthropologists do and understanding why they have become so valuable to businesses today. Do listen in!

Matt ArtzMatt's forte is helping you discover the people behind your products, culture and strategy. How? Using ethnographic research, he helps make sense of today's consumers and markets so you can better understand your competitive landscape and plan a more targeted, successful business strategy.

About Matt Artz 

A business anthropologist, entrepreneur and TEDx Speaker, Matt Artz is the Head of Product and Experience for Cloudshadow and the Founder and Principal Researcher at Azimuth Labs. Working at the intersection of research, design and strategy, Matt has led B2B and B2C projects in biotechnology, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, fashion and entertainment. 

Matt's clients range from large enterprises to venture-funded startups, including Verizon, Dunkin Donuts, Mine Safety Appliances, Direct Energy, Veeder Root, Independence Blue Cross, Romeo + Juliet Couture, Signallamp Health and Special Guest App (featured by Apple on its TV show, Planet of the Apps). 

As well as writing and speaking about business anthropology, product development and his research on Direct-to-Consumer DNA testing, Matt is a co-organizer of the NYC Business Anthropology meetup, a guest host on This Anthro Life podcast and a guest writer for UserZoom, writing about user experience. 

You can contact Matt via his website, Azimuth Labs websiteLinkedInTwitter and Spotify.

Are you ready to use some anthropology techniques to solve your business problems?

The following easy-to-use tools can help you take a step back to observe your business in a new way and identify innovative solutions that can help you dominate your market space.

To learn more about how anthropology could help your business soar:

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