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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Nov 1, 2021

Hear how to find your voice, even in the midst of change

What a powerful conversation I had with Leslie Rasmussen, award-winning author of the novel After Happily Ever AfterIt is a book that tells a story about a woman, perhaps you or me, who realizes that it is time for her to rethink the woman she used to be and wants to become. Sounds both familiar and intriguing, right? It is. While Leslie will tell you in our podcast all about her own journey, she also will shed light on how this novel emerged and why she has used it to give a voice to many women today facing the pain of change. Whether it is pandemic fatigue or watching the house empty as the kids head off to college, I know this is a conversation you will enjoy and a book you will want to read.

Watch and listen to our conversation here

Leslie R video
An empty nester learning to love herself "one blunder at a time"

Leslies bookInspiration for Leslie’s debut novel can be traced back to 2016. As she spent time around other mothers, she decided to write a fictionalized treatment of actual human scenarios from a woman’s perspective. From information gleaned in interviews with anonymous women who spoke candidly about their marriages, she connected the dots between their stories and created a protagonist who is the composite of many women, including herself.

About Leslie Rasmussen

Leslie RasmussenAfter graduating with a bachelor’s in communications from UCLA, Leslie wrote television comedies, becoming a member of the Writers Guild of America West. She wrote for Gerald McRaney, Burt Reynolds, Roseanne Barr, Norm McDonald, Drew Carey and Ralph Macchio, as well as The Wild Thornberrys and Sweet Valley High. She then earned a master’s degree in nutrition and ran her own business for ten years. Most recently, her essays have been published in more than 20 online magazines, including Huffington Post. She is a member of The Alliance of Therapy Dogs and volunteers at her local animal shelter. You can connect with Leslie on LinkedIn and through her website.     

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