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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Jan 10, 2022

Hear how to launch your own business, successfully

In this podcast you are going to meet Maggie Karshner. She loves to work with people who want to set themselves up in a new business or grow the one they currently have. She and I talk about how to help solo-preneurs take their ideas and become coaches, consultants, therapists, chefs, specialists helping kids get into college, branding name it and Maggie has done it. During our podcast, we want to help you see what is possible and make it happen. Listen in!

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Maggie K video

The challenge of making it on your own

What Maggie and I both know is that it is difficult leaving a career in a corporate job and launching your own business, successfully. My husband Andy and I have seen that among the students at Washington University during our Simon Initiative for Entrepreneurship summits. And at SAMC, we witness it every day as people come to us to help them frame their story, strengthen their brandconceptualize their business, and get it off the ground, maybe with a Blue Ocean Strategy.

In our conversation, Maggie describes her approach of taking clients through a systematic, step-by-step process that helps them break down tasks into manageable steps. We then talk about the tools you need as an entrepreneur, from a good business plan and a clear understanding of client needs to the marketing and staffing requirements of your particular business. It isn’t easy. But it is happening all over the place as men and women launch new businesses and watch them grow—or not.

Maggie KarshnerAbout Maggie Karshner

Maggie Karshner is a self-employment coach based in Seattle, WA, serving solo-preneurs throughout the US. Rather than telling clients how it "should" be done, she listens to their goals and helps them achieve what's important to them. She is widely versed in all things relevant to self-employment, from organizational structure and financials to marketing and promotion. 

Prior to launching her business coaching firm in 2014, Maggie had ten years' experience managing a small business, supporting non-profits, and being a corporate business consultant. In addition to working closely with entrepreneurs throughout her career, she is an entrepreneur herself twice over. She has a BA in Geography from Syracuse University. You can connect with Maggie on LinkedInFacebookTwitter, her website or her blog.

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