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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Jan 17, 2022

Hear how Blue Ocean Strategy helps you own your market!

In this podcast, Brian Gladden and I go digging into the whys and hows of creating Blue Ocean Strategies®. Brian is a trained Blue Ocean Strategist who helps businesses find unmet customer needs and create uncontested market space by using the tools and methods of Blue Ocean thinking. After conducting 500 workshops and dozens of client engagements, I know the thinking of a Blue Ocean Strategist quite well, and Brian is certainly one of us. He just loves the methodology and objectives behind BOS, as do I. It really works! To learn how to do it, listen in. 

Watch and listen to our conversation here

Brian G video

It's all about going where the competition isn't

When we talk about strategy, most people think that they must compete to build a viable business. Strategic differentiation seems to be the path they must follow. Yet, few really know how to successfully compete, differentiate themselves, or bring in new clients. They tend to be imitative, looking like others in their market segment and doing things in much the same way. This is not the path to true and lasting growth. Entrepreneurs in particular must avoid this, becoming simply another version of what is already out there. 

Conversely, those who thrive can see the problems that need to be solved and new solutions to solve them. They understand that they need a new strategy that opens new markets and finds better ways to create and capture demand. 

If you have become tired of competing, Blue Ocean Strategy might fit you perfectly. Today, supply outstrips demand. It is going to be difficult to out-compete the competition. So how can you recreate new ways to solve old problems, and add value innovatively? You guessed it: Blue Ocean Strategy.

That's exactly what Brian does, and what we talk about in our podcast: how he helps business leaders create new markets, get to markets faster, and focus their attention on what their customers need, not just on what their business does. In other words, how to swim in a Blue Ocean!

Brian GladdenGet to know Brian Gladden

Brian has spent 30 years in hi-tech sales, strategy and business development in international firms. He has a doctorate in strategy and innovation and is the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Sacramento State University Carlsen Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. You can connect with Brian on LinkedInFacebook, his website Strategy & Innovation Institute ( or his email

Want to learn how Blue Ocean Strategy can revolutionalize your business? 

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