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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Jan 31, 2022

Hear about the amazing innovations in our food supply

You are going to love learning from Anne Greven. Anne is the Global Head of Food and Agribusiness Innovation and the FoodBytes! Platform at Rabobank. Our shared interests are all around change, specifically, how to create a new way to produce food at a time when agriculture is facing escalating crises in soil, water and the environment. In today’s podcast, you will listen to this amazing woman talk about her own personal journey and what she has learned as she moved up in the banking world. You just might leave feeling a little better about our planet, too.

Watch and listen to our conversation here

Anne G video

Some of the key topics Anne and I discuss include:

  1. How does a woman manage her career path in an industry that is both European and male-dominated? As a woman who spent 14 years as an executive at three banks, I particularly enjoyed listening to Anne's story and experienced many of the same challenges she has been able to overcome.
  1. Anne has a deep interest in the innovations taking place in our food chain, as does Rabobank. Together Anne and I dig into these emerging breakthroughs and the talented entrepreneurs who are pushing them forward.
  1. We talk about changing the culture of organizationsThis is a major challenge for all companies today. The way we always did things might not work in this ever-changing world coming out of the pandemic period. But what will work and how do we help create it?

Listen in and share your thoughts.

Ann GrevenGet to know Anne Greven

A Rabobank veteran, Anne has spent more than 15 years in its New York office, leading landmark client-facing businesses. In her previous roles as Head of Acquisition Finance and Managing Director, Co-Head of Capital Markets, she oversaw a large portfolio of private equity clients focused on food, beverage and agriculture investments.

Having this unique financial and "food and ag" experience enables her to provide invaluable insight and advice to team members, clients and startup entrepreneurs, coaching them on refining their business models with an eye toward investment and marketplace success. You can reach Anne on LinkedIn.

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