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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Oct 9, 2017

If you are in healthcare, or use any part of the healthcare system, you need to listen to Linda MacCracken’s interview with us.


Linda is Senior Principal at Accenture, focused on helping payers and providers connect with customers with greater loyalty and engaging to improve access and quality while reducing costs and increasing profits. Linda also teaches physician executives in the Masters of Management Program at Harvard University. 


Linda's experience includes serving as Chief Strategy/Marketing Officer in health systems, VP Product Management at Thompson Reuters and VP Advisory Services at Truven Health Analytics. What we discuss is how caregivers today across the entire healthcare system have to create a patient focus, a vision that they live every day to really listen, engage with and provide the right care for each individual.


We discuss how to improve physician rankings, how to move hospitals up in their own market place so more people use them and are delighted when they do.

How do you do this—by teaching physicians leaders how they can do more than just be great doctors. And, by realizing that the elders we care for today are very different than the Millennials that are going to follow them tomorrow.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • Using behavioral information for real time predictive analytics to assess the needs of people
  • Shifting consumer expectations in healthcare
  • Optimizing the experience of healthcare by viewing the patient as a partner
  • Addressing and adapting to consumer’s needs on a generational basis
  • Understanding the story of the patient to truly understand their need
  • Eliminating patient categories to create more intricate, concrete communities
  • The value in being a guest in a patient’s life to achieve loyal relationships
  • Innovation programs in universities as an asset for advancement
  • Different interaction approaches for different generations
  • Keeping an eye on the invisible competitor
  • The nature of expectations affecting the ways businesses choose to operate

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: