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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Mar 28, 2022

Hear how to discover what really matters to you At times, my podcast, On the Brink with Andi Simon, brings me guests whom I would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Sumit Gupta is one such person. As you listen to his story, you too are going to say, “Wow.” What an interesting journey he has had. How has he been able to succeed, rethink himself and his career, focus on new directions, and succeed again? What does success mean, anyhow? He answers these and many more questions. Listen in!

Watch and listen to our conversation here

sumit video

Ask yourself, “What does matter to me?”

And then wonder if you are focused on those things and working toward actualizing them.

Sumit is very interested in sharing with you his perspective and learnings about a deeper sense of what matters to each of us. He teaches us how to find that truth through our awareness of who we are and what is important to our well-being and our identity. Here are some of the areas we discuss: 

  • Somatic awareness, somatic practices and somatic opening, and how they reside within a social context
  • Practices that help you take action toward your future
  • Embodied habits, beliefs and ways of relating that no longer serve you, yet historically were trying to take care of you
  • New somatic practices that help you transform these habits
  • A deeper realization of what embodiment has to do with change, connection, choice and action 

At SAMC, we too help people find their purpose

As we work with clients about their self-care and developing their well-being, we're realizing that Sumit’s approach is extremely valuable for all of us trying to balance work, life, and spiritual and social meaning. You can contact Sumit on LinkedIn, Twitter or his website Visit his blogs at and his photography portfolio at

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