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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Melissa Copeland—Want Your Business To Be Successful? Start With A Great Customer Experience

Dec 11, 2023

Hear why a great customer experience means everything

I first interviewed Melissa Copeland for this podcast in May of 2022 and loved her story so much that I want to share it, and her, with you again. Melissa had a wonderful career, as so many women have had, only to discover that flying all over the world was not...

Dec 4, 2023

Hear how a family firm can remember its roots while focusing on the future 

As they say, family is family and business is business. But in many cases, the two can coexist, often quite profitably. Did you know that almost 80% of the businesses in the U.S. are owned and run by families? As a corporate anthropologist, a