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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Mar 26, 2024

Hear how to answer the question: Why should your customers care?

I always say, in my coaching or our leadership academies or my workshops, the more ideas you have, the more likely you will have big ones. And they come at the intersections. Big ideas are actually already in your head waiting for those a-ha moments...

Mar 19, 2024

She was absolutely determined to succeed. Hear how you can be too!

I always want to bring interesting people to On the Brink with Andi Simon. You will love this interview with Maryles Casto. Her journey has been extraordinary, largely because of her ability to listen carefully, understand people’s needs, and create...

Mar 11, 2024

Curiosity is contagious. Curiosity can be learned. So be curious!

Sometimes, we meet people who make us pause for a moment and ask how we are building the life that we want to live. It is not about mimicking their lives. It is about understanding how they have stopped what they’re doing and begun reflecting on whether...

Mar 4, 2024

Hear how when you allow life to unfold, you find that miracles happen

I first interviewed Dr. Srikumar Rao in July 2023 and was so deeply inspired by the wisdoms he shared with us that I wanted to have him back so he could teach us more. And he does. The title of his new book is Modern Wisdom, Ancient Roots, in which he...