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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Jul 24, 2017

Andy Simon is married to your host Andi Simon. We often go by Mr. Andy and Mrs. Andi to make it easier for you. We don't want you to feel a bit confused.

Andy became a partner in our consulting firm,  Simon Associates Management Consultants, six years ago after building his last company, Questar Assessment Instruments, into the 5th largest company in the K-12 formative assessment industry. He retired as Chairman of the Board after having served as founder and CEO, CMO and CFO over forty years as he took Questar from start-up to a great success story. In 2011, Questar was name in the top 50 companies in innovative education by Education Next. This past May, 2017, Questar was sold to ETS.

Now, Andy is a Consulting Partner, Executive Coach and head of SAMC-Inbound, our Agency specializing in Inbound Marketing. A certified HubSpot Partner, Andy works with companies that need to grow through digital and inbound marketing strategies. 

At SAMC-Inbound he brings his experience and expertise with his well-designed, multi-step process to help companies succeed. He has become a speaker and facilitator of Innovation Games® and is involved with Every Voice Engaged to expand community involvement in decision making through Innovation Games methods.

Additionally, Andy is a trained and certified Innovation Games® facilitator and has conducted over 50 client engagements using Innovation Games methods.

In this episode, Andrew Simon and I discuss:

  • His background and early career
  • Why you need to pay attention to even the most "boring" metrics
  • Overcoming challenges and hurdles
  • Changing the company culture
  • Improve your luck & right timing in business
  • On appreciating what you have
  • Surrounding yourself with smart people
  • How to effectively communicate with clients
  • Letting go of a company

Resources Mentioned in This Episode: