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On the Brink with Andi Simon

Nov 29, 2021

Hear how change can really, actually happen for you

While I have known Marie-Claude Stockl a long time and we are both devoted horse lovers, I never had the pleasure of really getting to know her back story, and how she became so successful doing interesting and important things in teaching people how to better communicate. Today we have a splendid conversation about the challenges women face in the workplace, and the slow pace of change taking place in our society today. Both Marie-Claude and I have experienced being the only woman in the room and we have both endured, determinedly overcoming challenges and bias. Yet, we are both optimists at heart and enthused by the possibilities and opportunities we see for women today, and going forward.Do listen in!

Watch and listen to our conversation here

Marie-Claude video

Three themes we discuss which you will enjoy:

  1. We both grew up with strong women in our lives. They served as inspirational role models and taught us a great deal about how to thrive when we don’t always have a clear path forward.
  2. Marie-Claude is a big believer in helping people change. Her current venture is to become certified in a program to help organizations reinvent themselves. Our discussion about the relationship between innovation and reinvention is fascinating. Since for most of my career I have helped organizations change, I love learning about new thinking and innovative approaches for getting organizations and the people within them to do what they don’t like to do, which of course is to change.
  3. The Horse Institute which Marie-Claude created is a brilliant idea. She brings people and horses together and lets them each teach the other about how to communicate, given that horses cannot talk and humans often have trouble listening.

Marie-ClaudeAbout Marie-Claude Stockl

Marie-Claude is a native of France who began her career in New York, where she reported to presidents and CEOs at Nestlé, Bristol Myers Squibb and Revlon for 20 years. She has orchestrated high profile events with such newsmakers as a former US President, James Earl Jones, Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Angela Lansbury and Henri Winkler. 

Fifteen years ago, she combined her two passions, corporate life and horses, by creating The Horse Institute, where she brings executives to her horse farm in Ancramdale, NY for strategic retreats and team development. Marie-Claude graduated summa cum laude from the University of Paris with a Masters Degree in Communications, is a certified facilitator and executive coach, and is currently studying to become a certified Reinvention Practitioner.

You can reach Marie-Claude through LinkedInFacebook, or The Horse Institute website. You can also email her at

Ready to see with fresh eyes and discover innovation just waiting for you? 

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